Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Pinterest Roundup: From my own boards

So by now you should all be familiar with Pinterest and if not, shame on you!!  It's only the greatest place in the world for collecting ideas and inspiration.  And for storing ideas you like or things you want to do in the future.  I can't remember the number of times I saw something great online and could never find it again, until Pinterest came along of course!

As I said in my last post, I'm without all my creative bits until our container arrives so bear with me while I post other peoples ideas rather than projects I've done on my own!

So below is one image from each of my Pinterest boards.   I have boards just in the categories that I'm interested but when you're creating your own you really can let your imagination go.  And it's not just for the ladies, there are so many men on Pinterest too - I've seen plenty of awesome boards on photography, graphic design, home renovations, DIY, Fitness and plenty more.

At the moment I'm obsessed with the Home Decor category.  Probably because I know we're moving into our new home next weekend.  I'm constantly searching decorating tips, DIY ideas and especially decorating on a budget.  Pinterest is just a jungle of awesome ideas for doing up your home at whatever budget you have to work with.  My board is called Home Is Where The Art Is.

This fabulous wall collage is made from Ikea frames and Instagram pictures.  In fact, this creative lady from Daffodil Design has used one picture from every day in a year. Click here for instructions on how she went about creating this artwork.  

My next board, Nifty Projects, also includes a lot of project ideas for (but not only for) the home.  I collect any ideas that I think are something I can create or use as inspiration for something I want to make or do.  This includes gardening tips, home decor, gift ideas and gift wrapping, storage solutions etc.  

I love love love this idea and there's a pretty good chance I'll be doing this in our new home.  I've seen loads of second hand fridges for cheap and if they're in good working order but not good looking then a lick of chalkboard paint will do the trick - I love the chevron pattern but a plain black or grey would be great too.  See Apartment Therapy's blog for instructions on how to do this.    

Next board is Marital Bliss.  I started this to collect ideas for our wedding but I still love trawling wedding websites for ideas that can be used for other occasions as well.

These flags are a really cute idea for a wedding.  They would make some really great pictures of guests socializing after the ceremony or during the cocktail hour. Or a group photograph of all the guests waving their flags could be fab! Click on the picture to see more... 

Next up: Feed Your Face.  Now you all know I'm partial to a spot of baking so this board is full of ideas for sweet treats. But it takes a bit to get me excited about cooking.   So I try to collect some savoury ideas for when I'm feeling adventurous.  There are so many simple ideas that look fantastic.  My favourite savoury dish that came from Pinterest is this Veggie Bake.    

But my newest pin to this board is these super Pancake Pops.  What a good idea for kids parties, desert tables and Pancake Tuesday.  And they're quite easy to make too, for instructions visit Number Two Pencil.   For another fun version of these sweet treats see my Doily Pancakes.    

Let's move onto something which is very exciting for me right now.  Being 23 weeks preggers, I'm of course over the moon that I get to decorate a nursery!  So I've been collecting ideas from all over.   

Unfortunately almost everything for little girls is just pink pink pink!    Don't get me wrong, I love a bit of pink, especially for a little girl but it doesn't mean I want top-to-toe pink in her nursery.   That's why I love this one in particular.  I love the pops of colour against the stark white background.  This image comes from a site called Varpunen.

While we're on the subject of Little People, that's the name of my next board.  I've had this board since before I was pregnant, just because there were so many fabulous kid-related ideas that I wanted to remember for when I had my own.  There are endless ideas for kids crafts, homemade toys, activities, child friendly food and even great tips to help you from pregnancy till your kids are in their teens.     

Here is a super example of the clever things that make you wonder 'Why didn't I think of that?' What could be easier or cheaper than buying a pool noodle and cutting it into small pieces for your child to play with in the bath.  I love this!  This image comes from Bath Activities For Kids.

Let's move onto another passion of mine - parties.  Party decor, party foods, party games, guest books and of course the cake!!  I love the research part of planning a party.  Thanks to Pinterest there are millions of ideas in one place which means hours of fun finding new and unusual ideas.  

One of my favourite parts of a party is the balloons.  They can become tacky if not done in the right way but if you get it right they can transform any event!  I absolutely love this image where the party planner has gone completely overboard with the balloons.  What a brilliant atmosphere this creates and means you really wouldn't need much else in the way of decor.  And the balloons are high enough that they don't get in the way of conversation.  I would have done without the balloons on the floor.  This image comes from My Cup of Te.

Jolly Holidays.  We all know the biggies but Pinterest will always remind you of the not so obvious ones. There will always be a creative lady somewhere in the world who is crafting for Movember, Teachers' Day, or Cupcake Day.  


As we've just immigrated to Australia, it is only right that we celebrate Anzac day tomorrow.  And oh my word are the Anzac cookies good!!!   I haven't been able to make any of my own as the oven in our temporary accommodation is the size of a microwave but the ones from Coles are to die for!!  Find the recipe here.
And, finally, last board on the list is the Bit of Bling celebrating all things jewellery!  Of course this one is coming from the always fabulous Stella and Dot.   This Juniper statement is a brand new piece from their summer line.  They also do amazing tote bags now so check them our here.  

And that my friends is that!  I hope by now you're itching to get onto Pinterest and see what they can offer you!!   They've also introduced secret boards which means only you can see them.  I used this for when I was newly pregnant but couldn't tell the world yet.  You can also use them for wedding ideas when you don't want the anyone to know what your wedding will look like before they arrive.  Also good for hiding your Christmas gift ideas.

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