Friday, 31 May 2013

Homemade Rag Doll - Amy Farrah Fowler Style!

This little lady will be known as Amy Farrah Fowler.  Those of you that watch The Big Bang theory will know why. 

We stayed in temporary accommodation for a month when we first moved to Melbourne and although I had plenty to do to get our lives up and running, I was missing being creative. 

I came across this picture on Shiny Happy World and decided to try my hand at my own rag doll for Baby Girl Fijac.  This project will of course be much easier with a sewing machine and I will be making more when mine arrives in our container.  I had to hand stitch the whole thing so this project that would usually take an hour or two, in fact, took me a couple of days.

So the first thing I did was to draw a pattern for what this doll looked like in my head.  I definitely wanted the long skinny limbs and the head and body were easy enough.  I cut the fabric from the pattern, leaving a small border for sewing.  I used a flesh colour for the legs but will try with a stripe next time so that she looks like she’s in a trendy pair of tights!  The possibilities are endless with this – you just need an imagination. 

I sewed the head and limbs first, turned them inside out with a long poking device (a pair of scissors in this case) and shoved them with stuffing.  I then marked the holes for the arms, legs and heads on the body/dress.  So when I stitched around the dress I had to leave the openings for where I’d add the limbs later.  Once I turned the dress the right way around, I sewed on the arms and head before stuffing it.  Once stuffed I was able to add the legs.

You will of course need lots of pins for this project and even if you use a machine you’ll probably have to hand sew the legs on.

And then for the ‘personality’.  I had very limited supplies so had to improvise with this.  I’d bought a bit of brown wool for the hair.  The flower in her hair is from a bracelet I’d broken a couple of days earlier.   The glasses are from a piece of black elastic that I think was from the hangar straps inside a top I had.  The lips are just a little heart shaped piece of fabric cut from the patterned fabric used for her dress.  The necklace is also from a stretchy bead bracelet I had. 

How does that grab you?  This one is a little strange looking but I hope to make a few of them and will post more pics as I do.

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