Monday, 24 June 2013

Easy Modern Kitchen Update

Updating a kitchen in a rented apartment or house is not an easy thing to do.  We’d all love to rip up and replace the floor or the cupboards.  Or even just give it a new coat of paint.  Obviously if you’re happy to invest money into a property that’s not yours then you could always discuss what you’d like to do with your landlord.  They might be only too happy to have you update the place.  
I don’t want to spend my own money on updating someone else’s property but I’ve come up with a cheap and easy way to give your kitchen cupboards a bit of a revamp.  Ours were really old and getting ruined in the bottom corners.  I think being above the stove, the steam from boiling and frying has worn away at the cupboards.

So what to do?  Take the cupboards off and create open shelves.  This way you can rehang the cupboards when you move out.  With just two screws on each cupboard, this really isn’t a big deal to do.  A bigger issue is if the cupboard has a really bad paint job like ours did.  Once you see the kitchen without those doors only you can decide if it’s worth painting the shelves or if you’d rather just screw the doors back on.  In our case it was definitely worth the $20 tin of paint to finish off the open shelves.  The last person to paint the inside of the cupboards had painted around the door hinges so there were big ugly unpainted spots that needed to be covered.  I wasn’t able to match the paint colour so had to paint all the shelves rather than just the patches.  Although I didn’t get permission from the landlord, I’m sure he won’t object to the inside of the cupboard doors being white instead of off-white.    

Obviously you need to use painters tape around the edges of the shelves, you’ve heard me harp on about painters tape in other posts so please don’t ignore me - USE IT!  

Once dry, you can arrange all your pretty crockery etc to make a lovely display.  You’ll need to keep these particular kitchen shelves neat and tidy as they will always be on show!  Also, think about what happens below the shelves.  In our case the stove is below so any glass would have steamed up every time I cooked.  There is an extraction fan but doesn’t always get 100% of the steam out of the way so I didn’t want to take any chances.

What do you think?  So much better!  It really gives the old-school kitchen a more modern feel.  

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