Friday, 14 June 2013

Hello Friday!

Happy Friday Lovelies!  I'm sure you've all worked hard this week and deserve your two days off!  

 So I see it's Father's Day in the UK this weekend.  I've done a few projects for manly men on the blog so thought I'd do a quick round up for you...  a little inspiration to help you spoil your dads.  Just click on the links or pictures to see the original posts with more details.  

Quick & Easy Fathers Day Ideas - this was a post I did with some quick (and most importantly, easy) ideas for you to DIY your father's day gift.  

Dad Rocks Paperweight

Biltong Jars - For those South African's out there, what dad doesn't appreciate biltong, right?  And if it's in an army man jar even cooler!  Check out these ones I made with chalk board paint.

A Very Manly Party - this was a 30th birthday I did for someone.  There's lots of details you could use for father's Day, like the chocolate cigars or cookie mustaches.  Click on the picture to see more. 

Covered Chutney Jars - I made these for Mother's Day but if your dad's like mine and has chutney with everything then why not for Father's Day too?!  Maybe a little less flowery fabric?  And it takes less than ten minutes! 

'Tache & Tiara 30th - this was for Hubby's 30th birthday.  There are a few ideas you could take from this for Father's day.  Like the chocolate mustaches, the entire mustache cake or the giant cookies in CD covers.    Click on the image for more details.  

Have fun you lot!   Those of you lucky enough to have Dad in the same country as you, enjoy every minute!

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