Sunday, 9 June 2013

Revamped Dining Table

Moving to Australia has been an expensive move to say the least.  I've tried to be very thrifty with certain bits of furniture and have trawled second hand websites and charity shops to find pieces for our new home.

I found this dining table and chairs on Gumtree for just $50!   What a bargain.   I stupidly didn’t take a before picture of the table but you can see the original wood colour in one of the pics below.   It’s a really fab solid wood table that had hardly been used and the chairs (love, love love!) are like new.

I knew I wanted a white table so of course set about changing it with the help of my ever patient husband.   We found a very reasonable electrical sander at Bunnings (my new fave store) and Brad spent the afternoon sanding it down for me. 

I taped the metal detail around the bottom of the table legs.  The previous tenant painted the entire house without using any tape and I've spent weeks scraping paint off floors, counters and light fittings.  So I've become obsessed with painters tape, it’s so easy to use I just cannot understand why someone wouldn't bother! 

For an undercoat I used Taubmans Easy coat prep and then British Paints inColour Interior paint with a low sheen.  I used a brush although a roller would give a smoother finish.  I did start this project with a shabby look in mind and figured I’d be sanding after painting so didn't bother with the roller.  But I love the table without sanding so it’s staying as is.  And I’m not sure you can even tell a brush has been used rather than a roller.

It’s a bit of a long winded job because you have to wait hours in between coats of paint but its so worth it!


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  2. I have read your post. That's great information. Thanks for sharing this blog. I did a search and found your blog and glowing review. It's been a big help! Thanx!

  3. I found a project about how to build a dining table and liked it but I wanted to make a few adjustments to it. I needed to make it a bit larger for our dining room. My wife wanted a table that can sit 8-10 people. With a few adjustments on the length I was able to make this table 44 inches wide and made it 90 inches long. Let me just say by adding to the size it adds a lot more weight to it as well.
    For the table top I used 4 2x12. I trimmed each end the best I could with a hand planer and sanding before gluing. This gave me about 44 inches after words.
    As for the base I didn't change much other then the legs. My wife wasn't thrilled with the block like style legs so I was able to find legs in the lumber section at Lowe's that I was able to use.
    For the base and legs I painted them first with a greenish blue paint then on top of that I used an off white color and lightly sanded it to give that distress look. It's hard to tell from the photo but in person it really looks good.
    I am pleased with the way it turned out, hope this helps.

  4. Hi,
    I've read your post and I'm going to follow this example.

  5. Looks great. I like this DIY project very much. I'm doing some research on DIY project. I want to do something like that for my family. But I have no idea now. Your table looks so cute. I love it.

  6. Awesome! I will do that for my house according to your ideas. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Excellent! Nice post! I love the final result which is beautiful! I am waiting your next articles. Let's share with me.

  8. I think the table looks fabulous! I am in the middle of doing one myself. I thought I wanted it all white, but I love the distressed look, so I am heading back to the store for the dark wax :)

  9. Really good work there ! It looks like a brand new one ! Thanks for sharing this !

  10. Very nice dinning table. I love it !