Friday, 5 July 2013

Baby Clothing Size Dividers

If you've been on the kids section of Pinterest then you would have seen a variation of these great clothing size dividers - what a fabulous idea.

Our baby girl has far too many clothes already and my worry is that she wont get to wear everything if I hang them randomly or fold them in a drawer.  This makes it really easy to see what's on offer for each size group at a glance!

So  this is really simple as you can see from the pics above.  I cut out my shape using a round dish and the smaller circle was around a small roll of sticky tape.  I made the templates without bothering about colour, knowing I would cover both sides anyway.  I then glued a piece of solid coloured card to one side and a printed paper to the other.  Trimmed the edges and got creative with stickers and numbers.  Voila!

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  1. It's great. Thank your for sharing.

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