Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Framed Ultrasound Photos

Having an ultrasound when you're pregnant is a huge deal.  It's the time you get to see that you being preggers is not just a figment of your imagination (like the huge knockers and nausea weren't enough of a sign!).

At 12 weeks our baby looked more like some alien creature with a hooked nose (it's just her arm!).  The second scan at 20 weeks actually looked like a baby and we were told that our bub was more than likely a girl.   Thankfully we had a third scan when we arrived in Australia and at 26 weeks she was most definitely a she but she was so big that the scan is just of her head! 

Anyway, all I'm saying is that the ultrasound is an exciting part of being pregnant so I wanted to do something special with the pictures.  They've been sitting in my handbag for months so I finally got them out and gave them this quick makeover.
I had an old picture frame with three spaces for photographs.  I spray painted it silver, put a strip of black and white washi tape along each side and stuck the scan images to coloured card.  Voila!  Easy as.  And a lovely addition to my baby girl's nursery! 

Since making this frame, I've done a bit of online browsing to see what others do with their scan images - how cute are these?!  Click on the images to see the source. 

Unusual Ultrasound Gifts and Ideas

Hand Painted Custom Personalized Baby Ultrasound Pictures


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