Friday, 19 July 2013

Hello Friday: Easy Cot Mobile

Happy Friday! This week I made a quick and easy felt mobile for my baby girl's cot.   Anyone can make this - and what a cute gift idea for a new mom to be!

I bought a second hand mobile from a charity shop just so that I had the plastic arm to hang my stars from, I'm sure if you do some research then you'll be able to buy one online.  You could also use a couple of twigs or dowel rods or even a wire hanger wrapped in fabric.

The stars are made with felt, the blanket stitch is done with coloured embroidery thread.  I left a centimeter open to shove some stuffing inside and finished off the stitching.  I threaded fishing line through the felt stars and added some beads.  And there you go!  You can do any shapes, sizes, colours - let your imagination run wild!

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