Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Washi Tape Picture Collage

If you follow my blog you’ll know about my obsession with washi tape. Take a look at this post for more ideas.

I saw an image in an Ikea catalogue where someone had made a picture collage on the wall using coloured tape and photographs. I flipped passed the page knowing that in a rental property you can’t stick anything to the walls unless you’re sure it’ll come off at the end of your lease.

After all my painting projects and using the blue painter’s masking tape, I had a light bulb moment. If I were to put the colourful and oh-so-pretty washi tape over the masking tape and then stick the masking tape to the wall then I could do my photo collage without worrying about the tape peeling off any paint!

And this is what happened next… I had no plan and certainly didn’t intend to use as many photos but I got carried away! I used cream masking tape so that you couldn't see it against the cream walls.


This masking/washi tape combination means you could use an entire wall as a pinboard – instead of a dedicated pinboard with tacks, you could stick anything to the wall with your pretty tape – photos, grocery lists, magazine tear-outs etc.



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