Friday, 23 August 2013

Baby Girl's Nursery

Here's the one you've been waiting for...   I know I've been teasing you with small details from the nursery but I didn't want to show you the whole thing until it was just right.  There's still bits I'd like to do but I'm now too fat and energy-lacking to be bothered.  Baby is two days overdue as I write this, hoping this madam wont take too much longer.  

So before making any decor decisions I did loads and loads of research.  There's a lot of nursery decor out there that's too matchy matchy for my liking - the kind where the same cartoon character or print is on every item in the room.  I knew I wanted it to be bright and fun, I'm not a fan of characters.  I wanted the furniture to be white and simple and for the pops of colour to make the statements.  

For inspiration I used Pinterest (obviously!) and searched things like 'modern nursery ideas' and 'quirky nursery ideas'.  This link is a really good one.  

I had a particular piece of fabric (a few meters of it) that actually came from London with me.  It's the one you see in the daybed cushion, lampshade and nappy holder.  It had all the right colours so I used that for my reference when making/buying other decor pieces.

I've put some of the details below and will explain things as I go... I hope you like... 

This is the felt mobile I made.  I already had the wooden Noah's Ark mobile from my bro and sis-in-law so the cot mobile had to be more simple but with some or all of the same colours.  The rocking zebra was a labour of love, I found the old fashioned wooden horse looking sad in a charity store and my imagination ran wild.  You can see the before and after pics here.   The pictures on the wall are a collection of different items, a cardboard 'I' wrapped in green wool, a canvas covered in the fabric I spoke about above, a paint colour card swatch, a mosaic heart from my little cousin and a framed card from my baby shower.  

Although a changing table is not absolutely necessary, I think we'll be grateful for it.  The chest of drawers in the room is too high and the bed too low.  It also has some extra storage space for nappies, creams, wipes etc.  And I've even made the disposable nappy bags container look pretty with the apple printed contact paper.  The teddies, bunnies and hippos have all been gifts from friends and family.  They're all so soft - the kind you want to hold to your cheek!  
Now the stag head - don't judge me!   I've had a thing for modern stag heads (not the stuffed kind) for a while now so when I had a new room to decorate I knew I had to incorporate one.   I found this fabulous wooden one at a shop called Kaisercraft.  It came in a natural wood colour so I spray painted it silver and decoupaged the back with a floral paper.  The pom pom garland is made from little felt beads that I threaded onto bakers twine.   

I think a lot of ultrasound pictures spend nine months in your handbag and then end up in a drawer somewhere so I wanted to have them on display.  You can see this project over here.    
This shoe holder that hangs on the back of the door is a fab storage idea.  I've got all kinds of things in the pockets including more soft toys, headbands, blankets, shoes etc.  
This quilt was a huge deal for me.  I'm not the type to spend days on a project, I like them to be quick and easy.  This took me about four days but I love how it's turned out - my first foray into quilting so it's not perfect but I love it.  
The lampshade is just fabric wrapped around the frame to hide the metal and then fabric strips 'woven' from top to bottom.  

In the top left picture you can see the nappy holder I made from the same fabric I had.  I didn't have a pattern for this so it was a bit of trial and error to get it right - the hanger is the key starting point to get the size right.  I've since found plenty of free patterns online so do some research before you wing it like I did.  
These photos are from our maternity photo shoot that we had done at 36 weeks.  The fabulous Melbourne based Candice Ferreira did the shoot for us - you can see more pictures here.  
This chest of drawers was upcycled from a dark brown set of Ikea drawers.  I've been collecting the drawer knobs for years and finally figured out what to do with them.  You can't see from this picture but there are clusters of off-centre knobs on each drawer.  I am working on a post of this project so watch this space. 
This Ikea magazine rack has been screwed to the side of the drawers for book storage.  Clever right? 

Now all I need is the baby.  Come on little girl - we're ready for you!!  

***Check out my nursery pics over on The Bump


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