Monday, 12 August 2013

Herb Bouquet: Perfect Hostess Gift

We went for dinner at a friend's a couple of weeks ago and were told not to bring anything.  My mom taught me never to arrive empty handed so I decided to make use of the fabulous herbs growing in our courtyard.  

The herbs we have are oregano, mint, rosemary and spring onions.  I plucked a bit of each, washed them off and wrapped each bunch in blotting paper.  I buy this paper by the roll from Ikea.  If you fold the paper in half diagonally then you can wrap the herbs as a florist would do with flowers.  Obviously you'll need to size the paper according to your herbs, I only had a very small amount of oregano.  I stuck each paper down with a piece of pretty washi tape and wrote the type of herb on each.  I'm sure most people are smart enough to know which herbs are which but I'm not and would have appreciated this done for me if roles were reversed. 

I then wrapped the four little bunches into one piece of paper and added a ribbon to make it prettier.   And there you have it... perfect gift for the hostess that says to bring nothing!


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