Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Newborn No-Sew Tutu

No doubt you've noticed that I've gone completely overboard on all things baby!  With just over a week till my due date I wanted to make a tutu for Baby Girl's newborn photo shoot.  

I'm obsessed with tutu's and my dear child will be dressed in them until she's old enough to not want me dressing her (I dread the day!).  Don't worry, I realise they're not every day attire but no tutu-wearing opportunity will pass me by!  

Especially now that I know how to make them in this way, no sewing and super quick to do!  

1.  Cut strips in the tulle fabric, double the length you would like the tutu to be.  I chose a really soft one so it's not scratchy on her skin.  
2.  Cut a strip of ribbon long enough to fit the baby's waist and tie a bow. 
3.  Wrap each piece of fabric around the ribbon by folding in half and threading through itself - see pic.
4.  Keep adding fabric strips until you have the fullness and circumference you want.   


The beauty of it being on the ribbon is that you can use it as the baby grows and no tight elastic needs to go around her waist.  You can separate the fabric strips to make the tutu 'grow' as Baby does. 

Hopefully it wont be long until my little madam arrives and I can post some photos of her actually wearing it!   Watch this space...

UPDATE:  Here's the little monkey in her tutu.  4 days old.

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