Thursday, 24 October 2013

Chevron Wall Hanging

I'm back!  Sorry it's taken a bit longer than I intended.  The angel baby I spoke about in my last post suddenly 'woke up' around four weeks and things have been a bit cray cray!  She's still an angel, just a bit more active and smiley and awake!

This project is super easy - wall hangings and pictures can cost an absolute fortune so why not make your own for less than $12?!

The chipboard is from Bunnings and cost less than $3.  The paint is also from there, just a sample pot for about $6.  The roll of tape is less than $2.  Yes, that rocking chair is painted in the same colour, it had to match my living room as it didn't quite fit in the nursery (anyway, rocking a baby for hours on end is easier done in front of the TV!).


And the rest is easy!  Tape out the pattern you want.  I wanted the original chipboard colour to come through but you could paint a background colour that you'd like to show through when you remove the tape.  Paint over the entire board, I wanted to create some kind of texture so used haphazard brush strokes and sprinkled over some sugar while the paint was still wet.  I added a few squirts of silver spray paint and voila. Make sure its properly dry before removing the tape.

Hope you like!

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