Monday, 18 November 2013

Alternative Christmas Trees

If you've followed my blog for a while then you'll know that I like to do things a little differently.  And that goes for Christmas too.  This was last year's Christmas tree...made entirely of books, covered in fairy lights.

Since moving to Melbourne, I've discovered the Real Living magazine.  It's all things home, DIY, shopping & food which really floats my boat!  The Christmas issue is fabulous!  One of the articles is about unusual DIY Christmas trees - look at these fantastic ideas...  please excuse the images, they're photographs of the magazine pages.  

How simple is this?  And so effective!  Painted post-it notes!  These are fancy ones done with gold leaf paint but you could do any colour.  I know you get neon post-it notes so you wouldn't even have to paint them if a neon Christmas takes your fancy! 

How about some pinwheels stuck to the wall?  Super easy to make - check out these instruction videos on You Tube.  Be creative with colours and sizes.  

This one's going to take some time and patience - a few dowel rods covered in fringing.  You could use chunky wool for this to make the job go a bit quicker.  I'm not sure how you'd attach this to the wall - maybe just Blu-Tack/Prestik if the sticks aren't too heavy.  

You'd need some fab branches for this one, driftwood or tree branches from the garden or woods?  Add some wool or paint to make coloured accents.  You could even paint the wood if it's not in great condition.  Hang a few decorations from it or wrap fairy lights around the branches. 

Hmmm.... I'm feeling inspired.  Watch this space for this year's Christmas tree! 

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