Monday, 4 November 2013

Mini Cake Stacks

Here is an interesting variation of the cupcake - mini cake stacks.  No more difficult than baking cupcakes and no less fun!  Plus you can be super creative with your colours and decor.   

Make sure your baking tray is properly greased.  I brush with oil and sprinkle with flour which I saw on Jamie Oliver's show once and works really well!  Pour in your favourite cake batter and bake.  The time in the oven will be much less than cupcakes or a cake as it's so shallow so keep an eye on the oven.  Once the cake springs back when touched, you're ready to go.  Let it cool down before you turn it onto a cooling rack, which shouldn't be too difficult if you've greased the pan really well.  

Use a glass or cookie cutter to cut out your layers.  You could experiment with other shapes; hearts would be cute.   And then have some fun with your icing.  Use a simple swirl for in between the layers and decorate the tops as you would cupcakes.  Be creative with the colours and toppings!   

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