Thursday, 28 November 2013

Our Christmas Tree

As we're on a budget this year, Christmas has to be extremely thrifty!  I made this Christmas tree for just $2!  I got carried away making it and forgot to take photos along the way so I'm just going to explain how I did it.  It's pretty self explanatory so I'm sure you'll catch on quick!

I liked the dowel and fringing tree that I posted about last week - check it out here.  So I wanted to do something along those lines.  I had some long cardboard tubes from the inside of wrapping paper and I cut them to these different lengths with a box cutter.  I used fishing line to hang them from a hook that was already on the wall.   Each tube is tied to the one above.  Be careful to get the rods/tubes evenly spaced.  Then the fun part... cut strips of wool/fabric/ribbon to the correct length.  You'll need to tie them so allow length for the knots.  You can trim the lengths as needed.  This is a kind of mesh polyester wool that I found in the bargain bin at Spotlight for just $1 a ball.  Unfortunately colours were limited which is why I ended up with black and grey but I like to think it creates a chic tree!  I topped it off with a shiny purple rosette which covered the hook.  Youtube has some great videos on how to make rosettes.  I used this one.

Easy as...

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