Friday, 24 January 2014

Easy DIY Valentines Ideas

In my humble opinion Valentine's Day is a money making racket.  No sooner have we had our Christmas dinner, and the Valentine's cards and chocolates are on the shelves.   That's not to say that we can't use it as an excuse to do something sweet or romantic.  But I believe in DIY all the way!  It's the thought that counts so get crafty.  The below ideas are all things you can do with stuff you have at home, nothing fancy and nothing difficult.

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These cute fortune cookies from A Thrifty Mom are made with a simple circle of paper and a bit of blue tak/prestik or a glue dot.

valentines cookies.jpg

Here's one for the boys (who are always so difficult to buy for!) from  Just buy a 6-pack and cover it with some red paper and a ribbon.

Personalized Valentine Gift Idea for Him

Everyone has an empty mayonnaise or jam jar in the cupboard.  Wash(scrape) off the label and a sticky label and a ribbon.  Fill it with date ideas or reasons why you love your dearest.  Thanks to Tatertots & Jello.

DIY dates jar (via papervinenz)

These cute paper hearts from In My Own Style are filled with sweeties - cut out your hearts, sew by machine or hand and fill with the good stuff!


Another jar idea from Cincy Shopper - just add your own label and fill with cookies, sweeties or my personal favourite M&M's.


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