Sunday, 19 January 2014

Girl Power Wooden Train Makeover

I love it when a project turns out exactly as I imagined it would!  In fact, this might even be a little better!  I came across this cute train set at a Salvos store for cheap as chips.  Now I like things to be a little different, as you know, so my imagination started running wild.  

So this is the train I started with - the usual wooden red, blue, green and yellow train set where the blocks can be stacked in different ways.  Very beautiful but not as beautiful as it would look in the colours I had planned for it!  

So out with the sander and so began the tedious process of ridding the train of its top layer of paint.  You really just need to get rid of the gloss but whatever you do, do not leave this step out.  Your new paint will chip if you don't sand the item you're going to paint. 

I'm afraid I got carried away as usual and didn't take any pictures of the painting stage but I'm sure you're able to use your imagination for that part.  I stuck with similar colours to the originals.  IE: I painted pink over the red blocks and pale blue over the blue ones.  I left the natural wood as it was although I did need to sand it a bit in places where the paint from other blocks had rubbed off.  The hardest part was painting the wheels.  I just used some painters tape to block off the natural wood.  

And there you have it.  Who says trains are just for boys!?  

I've decided that this is one of my favourite ways to be creative and I'd really like to be able to sell these unique pieces that I makeover.  I'd love your feedback on whether you think that's something people might be interested in.  It would be mainly kids toys that I'd source and renovate with modern colours (lead free of course!) and styles.  

These are two rocking horses I did recently.  Please send me an email if you have any thoughts on this or might be interested in a project for your own kids. 

This teddy rocking chair is my next project - a colourful panda perhaps? 


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