Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Old School Washing Machine Makeover

This is a project I did when we first moved into our house, I just never got around to blogging it. When we heard the previous tenants were selling some of their furniture and appliances, we jumped at the chance to buy their washing machine. Stupidly we didn’t check it out first but for 50 bucks we figured it was a bargain either way. Once I realised how old and ugly it was, I set about beautifying it...

A puzzled but very helpful staff member at Bunnings was on hand to explain how to sand it down first and to help me choose the correct paint. I chose this fab blue to match the dials that I knew I wouldn’t be painting.

So the trick is to sand the machine down with a fine gage of sand paper – I believe 240 is what we used. This is where hubby starts to begrudge my creative tendencies as it falls upon him to do the sanding. I carried his baby okay?!

The sanding is just to get rid of the polished, shiny surface. The paint will hold better to a matt surface. Once sanded, I taped round the edges with painters tape. It’s a masking tape but wont let the paint ‘leak’ under it as regular masking tape sometimes will.

And then to paint… I used a gloss water-based enamel from Taubmans. It is low odour and dries fairly quickly. I needed two coats; the second one can be done after two hours.

Once the paint is dry you can pull the tape away from the edges. I needed to just touch up a few areas with a smaller paint brush. The paint dried really beautifully – no brush stroke marks at all.

So although I don’t have the best looking washing machine around, at least it’s a bit prettier than it was!


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