Friday, 14 February 2014

Baby Love - Valentine's idea

Here's a super easy idea of something quick you can do with your bub/toddler/teen/yourself!

All you need is some pretty paper or card, a couple of pens or markers and some scissors...

ONE: Pin your child down to draw around their hand with pencil. 
TWO: Go over the pencil with marker pen - we used silver. 
THREE: Fold the paper at the thumb and pointy finger.
FOUR: Cut the hand out but do not cut all the way around the thumb and pointy.  
FIVE: Open out to reveal a heart shape in the middle of the two hands. 
SIX: Draw around the heart shape to accentuate it if a bit wobbly.
SEVEN: Write your messages on the inside of the card. 

VOILA!  Happy V Day everyone!!  

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