Saturday, 15 March 2014

Interior Inspiration

My absolute favourite magazine at the moment is Real Living.  Its filled with interior advice, styling ideas, good recipes, gardening tips and super shopping!  I never throw out my mags so I can go back to them for new ideas.  I often find new inspiration on the second, third or fourth read.  And I'm a page-puller-outer so there's not much left of them.  In fact, Miss Ivy has taken a shine to paper recently so they're even worse off now! 

Yesterday I had a good run through a few past issues and felt inspired.  So I'm sharing a few of my finds with you.  Some simple ideas to use in your home, most of which are easy to do yourself.  

I love little collections of bits and pieces, love the cute ...uh... moose?... on the roll of twine and the wooden bowls are fab for entering your pockets.  But how cool are the pegs on the wall?  A new take on the old fashioned pin board.  Great idea for above the phone for taking messages. 

These wall hangings really liven up this room and what an easy thing to do.  A couple of pieces of chip board from the hardware store and some great colours.  You don't even need a paint brush... you could use a sponge, an old rag or even your fingers (or your kids' fingers).  Use a few of the colours in the room styling (think vase, cushion, stool etc) and you'll feel like you're in a whole new room.  

Two things I love in this picture; the enormous floor to ceiling mirror and the way that Ever After is framed.  That mirror really makes the room seem huge, a great addition to any small, or not so small, room.  I can't figure out what the wording in the box frame is made from, it could be stuffed fabric, clay, or paper mache maybe?  But you could do it with anything.  I particularly like the way the Ever After is written across three lines.   

What a difference some colour can make.  And so great that the pillow cases are all different rather than a zillion different scatter cushions.  Clever!  

This sillhouette print has such a great effect on the styling of this shelf.  And such a simple project for anyone to do.  Black or paper cut to whatever shape your imagination comes up with and framed really simply.  This would be great for a kids room too... what about three framed animals in hot pink for a baby girls nursery.  Or a truck, bike and train for a boys room?  (I've just noticed the print next to the deer, framed gift wrap?)  

This is similar to the masking/washi tape project I did a while back.  Really effective way of displaying photographs or kids' drawings.  Or an inspiration wall in the craft room?  If you use masking tape then it comes off the wall pretty easily.  

I hope you're feeling at least a little inspired to go off and be creative in your home.  If you need more then check out my Home Is Where The Art Is Pinterest Board.  

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