Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Baby Sensory Box

Melbourne is generally a windy city but today is like a hurricane.  Which means we are not leaving the house!  The bins have blown down the road and I'm surprised the garden furniture hasn't come through the glass doors.  Needless to say, Miss Ivy and I have a more-than-mild case of Cabin Fever!

After exhausting the toy box and the Tupperware cupboard I was out of ideas.  So on to Google and a search for indoor ideas to stop mom and baby from going loopy.   Loads of great games but a sensory box got my attention.  This is usually just a box of different shapes and textures for your babe to explore.

So into the pantry and out with... a cardboard box, a bag of 60c twirly pasta, the last of the foil still on the roll, some plastic holders from the Tim Tams we flattened last night, a foil baking tin, and a handful of utensils including spatula, wooden spoon, basting brush and plastic serving spoons.  And a bag of M&M's pour moi!

Of course the box was turned upside down in the first few seconds so we spread out across the floor and made it rain dry pasta pieces!  They make a fab noise on the tin and pour out the end of the foil roll like rain!
What a great idea this turned out to be.  It kept Miss Ivy entertained for all of fifteen minutes... now what to do with the rest of the day...?


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