Monday, 30 June 2014

Rainbow Spaghetti

I've been wanting to do this for a long time now and today was the day!

Cheap spaghetti was on the grocery list yesterday so with plenty in the pantry I had no excuses.  I put Miss Ivy down for her nap this morning and whipped up some rainbow spaghetti for her to play with when she woke up.

These easy instructions on Pinterest were what pushed me to finally do this.  It really is very simple...

1.  Cook the spaghetti - I used a whole bag and ended up with a tray full.
2.  Split into five or six piles and put each into a sandwich bag.  Preferably one that seals so you don't get any water leakage!
3.  Add water to cover the pasta and add a few drops of food colouring.  the more colouring, the better the colour.
4.  I left them for about half an hour, I guess the longer you leave them the darker they will go.
5. Rinse each batch of spaghetti in a colander and run under a tap until the water runs clear.
6. Arrange in colours on a tray/in a tub and serve...


I got everything ready for Ivy to wake up to a fabulous new sensory game/plaything and waited excitedly...  I put her into the tub (to prevent colour runs on my floor), she poked it once and you can tell by the impressed look on her face that she wasn't having it.  I even put a bit on her head to try and get her interested but she went to play with the washing machine instead!

Maybe another day?! : (

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