Sunday, 15 June 2014

Smash Cake!

Oh the Cake Smash!      What a to do, as my granny would have said.  What must have started out as the babe literally smashing their birthday cake has turned into a huge production.  And what a fun production it is!  Nowadays a mamma will arrange a Cake Smash for her little one around 11 months old, usually to use the pics for party invites.  It's basically a photo shoot of the child getting nice a dirty whilst smashing a small cake.  Usually one covered in butter cream icing to make for great photos of smeared face, hair, fingers and toes.  

This weekend I had the pleasure of making a rose swirl cake for my gorgeous little friend Faith.  Faith's mamma had arranged the shoot at home with a photographer friend, Sarah Glasson.  Gorgeous bunting, painted wooden lettering to spell Faith and ONE and balloons all came together to make some really beautiful pictures.  The inside of the cake was layered with different shades of pink but a bit hard to tell once the cake was smashed!  

I'm so looking forward to Miss Ivy's Cake Smash! 

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