Saturday, 5 July 2014

A Modern Teepee

Oh my word I love these teepee's - they're so very mod and seem to be the latest craze for the cool kids!   So of course my Miss Ivy (the coolest kid of all) needed to have one of her own.  Thing is she's got about four of them now!  I've been trying to get it just right which is why I haven't posted any pictures until now.   This is my most recent attempt and the closest one to perfect.  Still a while away from perfect but we're getting there...

First up was a bit of inspiration which came guessed it...Pinterest!  You can click on the images to see more. 

 6 ft Kid's Teepee // BACKORDERED until November 20th. $150.00, via Etsy. #ModernThanksgiving  Chevron Tent with Solid Sleeves 44" Size or Pick your color Teepee play fort Made to Order Tents Grey Stripe Indoor/Outdoor Fabric Play Tent Teepee Playhouse play tent / etsy $135

So after hours of careful research and sketches I set off on my mission for the perfect size and shape teepee.  Four poles or five?  Square base or round?  A few prototypes later and I arrived at this little baby.  I knew it would be a goody so spent some time hand printing the neon orange pattern and gave it above average attention to detail.

So now the only thing I would change on the next one is for the fabric to go higher up the poles, leaving less of a gap between the ties.  I'd also add some cute ties to the doors to keep them open.  And then of course to let my imagination run free with colour and pattern ideas. 

Please get in touch if you'd like a modern hand printed teepee for your very own cool kid! 

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