Monday, 11 August 2014

Colourful Kids Cakes

We've had a run of first birthday parties lately for all the bubs in our lovely Mom's Group.  And so I've been baking and decorating what seems like a LOT of cakes.  It probably just seems like a lot because along the way I've had to bake two extra cakes due to my own stupidity.  One because I got the dates wrong and it was actually for the next weekend (luckily I hadn't decorated yet!) and the second because I forgot to put the butter in and the cake was like rubber and would have bounced off walls!

Unfortunately I am not allowed to have a bake-from-home business as my beautiful kitchen doesn't pass the inspection (grout between tiles not acceptable!) but there's nothing to stop me from baking for friends.

So the first was this Over The Rainbow cake which you would have seen on our Facebook page.  Coloured layers of vanilla sponge and a pink buttercream icing.  A gum paste rainbow (to keep it sturdy) and for the number one and coloured balls.  

Next was a circus party.   A chocolate cake covered in white buttercream, more coloured gum paste balls and a fondant circus elephant.  With a coloured paper bunting topper to finish it all off.  

And to go with the circus cake, I made some rainbow cupcakes with white buttercream swirls and gum paste number one toppers.  Such a bright and happy party.  

Then yesterday we attended an Under the Sea themed party.  The vanilla sponge was layered with and covered in blue buttercream icing.  Two tone blue buttercream swirls on top of the cake gave the effect of water.  A fondant yellow octopus on top with fondant name blocks and a few gum paste starfish and seaweed to finish it off.  

And now we have a break from cakes until Miss Ivy's birthday party at the end of the month - a lot of planning to do...  Watch this space!  


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