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Twinkle Little Star Party - The Decor

***This is something I've been dying to share with you.  When the Confetti Fair Magazine saw images from Ivy's party, they asked if they could put it in the 'Real Party' pages of their magazine.  Of course I said of course!  But it meant that I wasn't able to show you any piccies until now.  Their magazine has been printed and distributed and I am now allowed to share all the pretty details with you...  

Miss Ivy’s first birthday party has been on my mind since she was about six months old!  I know, a bit of an over excited mamma but you know parties make me happy!  And is there any happier occasion than your child’s first birthday?  It’s a massive deal for both baby and parents; making it through the first year is no small feat!

So Twinkle Little Star was the theme.  The star of the show loved this song at the time we chose it but she’s since decided she could take it or leave it.  I guess that’s the beauty of being a one year old; you get to change your ‘favourites’ on a daily basis.  

Let’s start at the very beginning…  the invite.  I used a program I love called PicMonkey to design the invites.  I added a little gold glitter star and some twine, with a mini peg to hold our poem about the gifts...see more about that further down the page.

I decided on a colour scheme of pink, gold and yellow but dropped the yellow nearer to the big day.  It just made it look less sophisticated somehow.  The brief (from me to me!) was for shades of pink and piles of glitter.  A few days later I’m finding glitter in pockets, under couches and in kitchen drawers so I think we did well on that front.  

I started with the gold chevron table runners.  I knew I wanted the bare table rather than a big frilly table cloth.  But we needed a little something, and so the runners were born.  Handmade by yours truly of course and now available for hire.  

I’ve always been a fan of apothecary jars.  They give a dessert table that something special and don’t have to be expensive to fill (think popcorn, marshmallows, meringues).  Displayed at varying heights means the table had a more relaxed feel, I’m not a massive fan of even-on-both-sides kind of tables.    It’s important to work some different levels into your display rather than having everything at one height.  So using risers is a must.  These can be anything from covered boxes to vintage suitcases.  

I had prepared a few glass jars with gold spray paint, and a bit of glue and glitter, to display fresh flowers.  Who doesn’t love fresh flowers?  They completely transformed the table, fresh and sophisticated!

The backdrop is made from four pieces of wood, joined to make a square frame (handy hubby) and a coat of gold spray paint.  I used jute twine to finish off the corners and to hang the bunting.  The craft paper bunting was a booklet from Spotlight but can be easily made yourself!  The wooden ONE letters were borrowed from a friend who used them for her daughter’s Cake Smash photo shoot.  Balloon tassels are so big right now but can be a bit pricey.  If you have the patience (and time) then you will be able to manage them on your own.  There are plenty of tutorials online.

I used a variety of cake stands and platters to display all the goodies, all from the Loryn Loves hire collection.  Its a really good idea to use clear glass cake stands as they create the illusion of space, rather than blocking off whatever is behind them.  

I was determined to have a simple and easily accessible bar for guests to help themselves.  I didn’t want the hubs and I to be offering drinks all day - when the hosts are relaxed then the guests are relaxed!  We served Pimms (beers for boys) in glass milk bottles with glitter flag paper straws and the drink dispenser made them easy to refill.  The confetti balloons are one of my favourite things from the party.  I had the balloon shop fill clear 16inch balloons with my hand cut tissue paper confetti and I just love how they turned out.  If they weren’t so pricey I would have gone mad and filled the whole house with them!!  

I sewed the drawstring calico favour bags and hand printed them with gold stars and the name of each of Ivy’s friends.   Each one had a big-eyed soft toy inside.  Instead of gifts for Ivy (she’s already spoilt rotten!) we asked guests to bring books that they no longer needed and we donated them to a chairty we love.  I displayed the book box on a side table with goody bags overflowing from the drawers.  We were so excited by the number of books (warm fuzzy feeling) we were given and able to donate.  

We had the most perfect birthday party weather and were able to set up a ball pit and play pen outside for the kids, along with Miss Ivy’s teepee.   The floral bunting and hanging vases added to the party atmosphere. The boys gathered around the bucket of beers and kept an eye on the kids while the mamma’s drank Pimms like it was juice and chatted to their hearts’ content!!  

What a fun day - I think we’ll celebrate every month!!  

------------------ All photos by Sarah Glasson Photography ------------------------

***See part two for more details of the sweet stuff and our toastie station!  

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