Monday, 12 January 2015

Twinkle Little Star Party - The Food & Drinks

***This is something I've been dying to share with you.  When the Confetti Fair Magazine saw images from Ivy's party, they asked if they could put it in the 'Real Party' pages of their magazine.  Of course I said of course!  But it meant that I wasn't able to show you any piccies until now.  Their magazine has been printed and distributed and I am now allowed to share all the pretty details with you...  

And now for the yummy stuff.  Hopefully you've set the scene by reading our post on the party decor.  If not, check it out here.

We tried to keep the drinks very simple.  It was important that guests could help themselves so that no one was ever empty handed.  The boys had easy access to the beers in a large tub of ice outside.  The ladies were handed a glass jar of Pimms on arrival and could easily refill from our gorgeous drink dispenser.  We also had a few bottles of wine for the ladies (and we may or may not have sneaked in a few G&T's!).  We served some fruit juice in carafes on the drinks table too.  And my super pink water bottles are a collaboration between Mount Franklin and Samantha Wills.  Please check out the story behind these beauties over here.  

My Pinterest account is full of cookies, cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, macaroons and more so I had plenty of inspiration.  I knew I wanted my mom to make her famous Hummingbird Cake which we used for the bottom layer and topped it up with a vanilla sponge.  It was iced with cream cheese frosting and topped with a fondant gold dust star and gum paste letters to spell Twinkle Twinkle.

The cupcakes were smothered in butter cream icing and topped with gum paste stars on toothpicks and the words ONE and IVY.   The cupcakes in jars were layered sponge cake and butter cream icing.  Served with wooden glitter teaspoons tied to the jars.  The macaroons came from a local bakery and my talented sister in law gave them a lick of edible gold paint and glitter.  I made some round sugar cookies and rolled them in edible glitter before adding a mini swirl of pink butter cream and a toothpick flag to each.  I made a miniature version of cake pops on toothpicks which turned out to be a perfect size, I'll definitely be doing more of these in future.  

The thing with apothecary jars is that they take quite a bit of candy to fill them which can become super expensive.  I always try to fill mine with cheaper options like popcorn.  In this case I used marshmallows, white chocolate Tim Tams and white chocolate buttons.  I also made some really basic meringues.  I wanted to create a dessert table rather than a lolly buffet.  Sweet stuff to be eaten at the party rather than candy to be taken home.  Of course there was plenty of everything so guests filled pink and white striped goody bags to take home with them anyway. 

The savoury food was something that took a bit more thought.  I didn't want myself or anyone else to spend all day in the kitchen warming sausage rolls etc.  I needed it to be simple and with as little wastage as possible.  My darling friend made some yummy sandwiches for when guests arrived and we had huge bowls filled with popcorn, Maltesers, pretzels, peanuts and M&M's (yip, all in the same bowl!).    And then there was the Toastie Station.  A display of cold meats, chicken mayo, cheese and all the trimmings for our visitors to make their own toasties.  A super sized toaster cooked them super fast so no one had to hang around waiting.  

We've spent ages collecting vintage tea cups, saucers, tea pots etc and Loryn Loves is now the proud owner of a gorgeous high tea collection.  I'm happy to say that it's all available for hire.   We displayed with wafers and sugar cookies, and a variety of tea flavours.  This went down well with our designated drivers!  

For Ivy and her friends we had a platter of all her favourite snacks including yoghurt buttons and Split Stix.  However, the balloons and ball pit meant they weren't too interested! 

And now begins the planning of Miss Ivy's second birthday!!  xx

------------------ All photos by Sarah Glasson Photography ------------------------

***See part two for more details of the sweet stuff and our toastie station!  

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  1. Such an amazing party decoration done by planner dear. Cupcakes looks yummy and so fresh. Well dear I had celebrated my daughter birthday at Los Angeles event venues last month, and this month it’s my son birthday which I am going to celebrate at home only. I will try to keep same theme for his birthday.