Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Metallic Halloween

Let's be honest, Halloween can get a bit tacky when it comes to adult parties... carved pumpkin punch bowls, red jelly blood and how many cat women do you really need at one party?! 

Anyway, so I've collected a few... let's say... classier... ideas for you this year.  A couple of subtle costume ideas and some really pretty decor pieces for a more sophisticated soiree.

Some people are not into the whole fancy dress thing but it's nice to at least make a bit of an effort.  What about some black and silver nail polish?  Or some stunning metallic tattoos... (not sure if that's particularly Halloweeny?).   And if you're a little braver then go for some gorgeous gold glitter... I assume this is body paint?  I guess you could just chuck some craft glitter over Vaseline spread on your face ?!  

And for decor... pumpkins of course!  A layer of glitter and a tea light candle in the top?  Or metallic spray paint... I love the mini gold pumpkins used as table settings.  And that silver corn... Love it!!  Yes, it's real corn, it's been spray painted in shiny silver!  

Go on then... add some glitz and glam to your Halloween party!   Photo credits below.  


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