Thursday, 23 October 2014

Pinocchio Party

I've been meaning to do this post for a while now but it's worth the wait I promise.  It was so exciting to be a part of this birthday party.  This DIY mamma completely outdid herself.  For someone who claims to have very few creative bones in her body, she did one heck of a job!

April wanted something special for her son's first birthday party and after chatting with her hubby's family things began to fall into place.  She discovered that his first birthday party had been a Pinocchio theme and she immediately knew that she wanted to carry on the tradition.   And oh how happy it makes me that it was an exciting theme, not one we see over and over again!  Pinocchio is a gorgeous classic with great details and perfect colours.  What more could a little boy wish for?

April's husband had access to a large scale printer at work and was able to get huge prints done of all the characters from the story, which they hung around the house.  They made a gorgeous tree in a corner from brown paper and green balloons... so clever!

The dessert table was simply styled with cake stands, lolly jars and risers from Loryn Loves.  The jars were filled with popcorn and marshmallows and red candy.  The cupcakes were topped with Pinocchio hats, complete with donkey ears!  Some blue jelly in shot glasses, chocolate pies, wafers and more... but the main attraction was the cake.  And what a labour of love it was.  April made the cake herself and her very talented sister went to work on Pinocchio.  He started out as a wooden sketch doll and was lovingly brought to life, with icing, late into the night.

The goody bags were SO cute!  They came filled to the brim with sweeties and bubbles and a pen that looked like a hammer.   Luckily the weather played nice on the day and they were able to extend the party outdoors.  With a little help from some Loryn Loves bunting and some fab bean bags, outside looked almost as good as inside!

When April and I met she just kept saying that it had to be great.  Ben would only ever get one first birthday party and it had to be perfect.  It wasn't easy and I'm sure she had more than a few stressful moments but April, you did good!!   You can be very proud of yourself!

What a cutie in his party outfit.  

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