Sunday, 28 December 2014

A 60th Birthday High Tea {The Decor}

Aida is a very special lady and she deserved a very special 60th birthday party.  Her daughter hired Loryn Loves to make this happen and here are some photos to show off our hard work!

I got to work with Sarah from Sarah Glasson Photography again.  She's such a pleasure to work with and gets fabulous shots without you even knowing she's there.  Check out her Facebook page for more images from this party.

Aida had made candle favours for her guests in brightly coloured glass jars and needed the colours of these incorporated into the decor.  She also had matching carafes which we used as vases.  I was a little worried about the colour palette of the party as we would be using Loryn Loves Vintage Tea China and I wasn't sure if it would all work together.  But I found a gorgeous floral print which really tied everything together well.  I used it for thank you tags, chocolate bar wrappers and lolly jar tags.

The layout of the room included a dessert table with a-frame shelving unit for the favours, a drinks table, a large coffee table and two more tressel tables.  All to be decorated!  I used our gold chevron runners and the high tea stands from Loryn Loves Hire were already on the tables and stuffed with sandwiches when the guests arrived.  The flowers were supplied by Big Twig Florist which I split between the coloured carafes and various glass jars.  It's incredible what fresh flowers can do to a party... from pretty good to ah-may-zing in minutes!  

The dessert table was the focal point of course and received many ooh's and aah's!  You can read more about the food and drink in our next blog post.  The dessert table, a-frame unit, vintage crate, lolly jars and platters are all available for hire from Loryn Loves.  

Aida had given me a magazine with her favourite ideas earmarked.  One of those ideas was a tassel garland.  I made this one myself but there are now many companies that will do custom orders.  I tried to stick to neutral colours with the decor and let the coloured glass, print and flowers add the pops of colour.  

Outside we livened up a corrugated iron wall with some hanging vases of flowers.  Attached to each vase were gold charms that Aida had collected.  Loryn Loves vintage tea ware was used to serve tea and coffee with all the yummy desserts.  You can read more about the food and drinks in our next post.  

Balloons always make a party come alive and in this case they did for all of half an hour, until they started disappearing... up the stairwell where no one was able to reach them!  Unfortunately we didn't get any photos in time but if you'd like to use your imagination... there were thirty white balloons covering the ceiling with their ribbons hanging down just above head height.  At least the guests got to appreciate them before they all disappeared!  We also had two large clear balloons filled with hand cut confetti above the drinks table.  Luckily they were tied down! 

All hire, decor and styling by Loryn Loves.  See more info on our hire, shop & styling tabs at the top of the page.  Visit our Facebook page to keep up with recent news.  And if you're on Instagram then please look us up!  

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