Monday, 1 December 2014

Cupcake Icing Workshop

You know by now that I love, love LOVE cake decorating...

My obsession started with a little cupcake icing class at someone's house in London, many years ago now.  It was a basic course but we learned so many useful hints and tips and it was the start of my ongoing love affair with cake and cupcake decorating.

And now I will return the favour... this weekend was my first Australian workshop and it was a huge success!

We had five lovely ladies around a dining room table to learn the basics of buttercream.  With recipes and demo's and tips along the way, they each produced some really good looking cupcakes.

If you're interested in hosting or joining a workshop then please get in touch...  There will not be any classes now until the New Year (unless you'd like to sneak in a week day evening one).

This is a beginners class where you will learn about buttercream icing, different nozzles, decorating ideas and baking tips.  I can take up to six people and the price is $35 a head.  It's a two hour class depending how much we chat and each person will go home with six iced cupcakes and printed notes and tips.

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