Friday, 12 December 2014

Salt Clay Christmas Ornaments

Here's one to do with the kids... Salt clay ornaments for the Christmas Tree.

You can't really tell the left one has a hand print on it.  I guess older kids will paint a little differently to my 16 month old!  

You'll need...

Half a cup of flour
Half a cup of salt
Quarter cup of water

Mix it all up, knead it like play dough.  And go crazy!

We made some ornaments for the tree.  Ivy stuck her hand in some and I added her name and the date with alphabet cookie stamps.  I used a round cutter and a toothpick to make the hole (I'd wiggle it even more next time for a bigger hole).

Bake the ornaments in the oven on 100C for 1 -3 hours depending on the thickness.  They're done when they feel rock hard and you'll see the moisture disappear as they bake.

Once cooled you can paint, we just used acrylics we had in the house but I'm sure any poster paint would do.  Leave to dry, add the string and hang!!!

These would make fab Christmas pressies for family with your child's hand print and date.  You could also make smaller ones to use as gift tags with gorgeous ribbon.

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