Friday, 16 January 2015

Ladies that Lunch

Being so soon after Christmas, my birthday doesn't often get much attention, but this year I decided I needed a party.  Nothing to celebrate... just thirty something... Last year I had a new baby and could count my Australian girlfriends on one hand so we had a bbq with stinky boys there too.  This year I wanted just the ladies for a casual (but very pretty) lunch.  I had 16 beauties over to mine to eat and drink and chat and make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  And that's exactly what happened.  

You would have seen piccies on Facebook already but I know some of you nosy parkers (Mom!) like to know all the details... so here they are.

My wonderful logistics manager (read annoyed hubby) moved out all the furniture and helped me prep tressles to make one long banquet table.  I wanted the party to be as low maintenance as possible so we used kraft paper instead of a table cloth.  I stuck it down with masking tape and used rows of glitter washi tape to hide the join running down the middle of the table.

I love fresh flowers and lavender is out at the moment so made everything smell pretty!  I also sneaked in some carnations in the 2015 Pantone Colour of the Year - Marsala (how very on trend of me!!) 

Each place setting was made up of disposable clear plastic plates and wooden cutlery.  The gorgeous navy floral napkins were from Ikea and were pretty much the first thing I bought for this party.  I made some salt clay stars which were tied to jute twine to finish it all off.  You can see the salt clay recipe here.  Each setting had a little wrapped chalkboard cookie for the ladies to take home, although most were eaten before lunch!  I've just learned how to do this chalkboard effect so watch this space for a tutorial.

I was determined to have all the food laid out just before guests arrived so that I could mingle and not be in the kitchen.  It kind of worked.... maybe ten minutes late!?   My gorgeous friend made yummy sandwiches that we served on high tea stands with fresh fruit.  Then there were platters of cheese and crackers and cold meats and veggie sticks.  Loads of humus and flavoured pestos and tzatziki and almonds and amazing chilli pistachios....  mmmmmmm.

And the cake... I didn't want to make a fuss and I certainly didn't want to be sung to (although I had no choice and they did it anyway!).  I had a big cake order to deliver the night before so mine was just a little vanilla sponge semi-naked cake with Chantilly icing, it was soooo delicious!  I don't like to brag but oh my, the cream makes it so light and fluffy and not too rich!

I displayed the cake with some cake pops and chocolate dipped fruit on my gorgeous A-frame unit.  Oh yes, there were shot glasses of M&M's too....  oh to have one of those right now....

All the drinks were laid out so guests could help themselves.  Pimms was on offer (of course!!) and plenty of bubbly, wine and juices.  My ever faithful glass milk bottles did the trick with some chevron paper straws from our shop.

All platters, glasses, dispensers, trestle table, A-frame unit etc are available to hire from Loryn Loves.  And for any styling queries, please get in touch!


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