Monday, 30 March 2015

Toddler-made Easter Chocolate Gifts

It's about time I had a blog post for you lot... I've been a bit slack on the tutorial side of things, I've had a busy month with my Etsy shop and the poor blog is suffering.  But here we are... and this one's a goodie!

We have some special overseas guests coming to stay this month and I wanted to do something for Easter gifts.  Plus Miss Ivy and I were bored and needed a little project.  She likes nothing better than standing on a dining chair to help in the kitchen... she particularly likes washing potatoes but anything will do, as long as it's at adult height!

So I had a bag of Cadbury's white chocolate melts in the pantry which are sooo yummy.  I use them for cake pops but end up eating them by the handful.  So I decided to melt some and get Ivy to do the decorating... and this is what happened next...

The packet will give you the instructions for melting in the microwave but it's really simple... just microwave them until they melt but you must stir them every thirty seconds to prevent lumps.  Pour your melted chocolate into whatever container or mould you want to use.  Make sure you grease it first.   I just used a flat lid from a plastic container.  The lid makes it easy to pop the chocolate out with a little twist of the plastic.

And the melted chocolate became Miss Ivy's blank canvas to get creative.  I gave her three bowls of sprinkles but they were immediately mixed into one.  Once I convinced her not to eat them all she did some dainty sprinkling.  And then it wasn't so dainty as she grabbed the whole bowl and emptied it onto the chocolate.  Now this is where I want to grab the bowl and even out the sprinkles... but remember, this is a toddler project!  So I just shook off the ones that had no chocolate space to stick to and stuck it all in the fridge.

Once the chocolate hardened I twisted the lid to break it into pieces... I guess your toddler could do this part too... your toddler, not mine.  Mine would eat all the chocolate.

I divided the chocolate into clear bags and then made cute tags from photos I took of Ivy making it.  And there you go - toddler made Easter gifts!

I might try this with Easter cookies too... I will mix all the ingredients, Ivy will eat the batter.  I will make the icing, Ivy will eat the icing.  I will smother the cookies in icing and Ivy will eat the sprinkles before tipping them over the cookies.  Sounds about right!

Enjoy and Happy Easter to you all.  xx

Friday, 6 March 2015

Twisted Tassels

I've gone mad over tassel garlands.  I used to love them.  Then I got over them.  Now I love them again... Gone are the days of using one string of tassels to liven up a party.  Don't get me wrong, they still look amazing.  But there's amazing.  And there's AMAZING!!  Take a look at what some clever creative's out there are doing with their tassels....   (Click on the pics for the source)

Geronimo Inspired Pom Pom Tutorial. Tutorial for making this tissue paper tassel pop-pom. She used a store bought honeycomb ball, and gives instructions for making the tassel fringe ribbon.
Those of you in the know would have seen tassels on giant clear balloons all over the place.  
How about adding a string to a honeycomb ball?  Just gorgeous! 

Crea un festivo fondo de mesa con guirnaldas de flecos! Me encanta esta combinaciĆ³n de colores... / Create a festive table backdrop with fringe banners! Love the colour combination...
If you can hang one garland of tassels then why not hang three?  Or four?  
More is definitely better in this case... what a stunning backdrop.

Beautiful pink and gold themed party favors act as weights to helium balloons.
Why not tie a tassel on your favour balloons to complement the garland in your decor? 
You'll only be able to use one tassel on each balloon of this size before it doesn't want to float anymore.  

I love this!  If you can't afford multiple garlands then just get one and use it well.   This is such a great look!  

#cake-table, #backdrop, #tassel  Photography: Steve Cowell -  Read More:
How clever is this?  Instead of rolling the cut tissue paper into tassels, this party stylist has left them open and cut them to make interesting shapes.  What a breathtaking backdrop! 

Pink, Gold and White Nursery - we love the understated elegance of this beautiful room!  
Who says tassels are just for parties?  Why not use them in your home decor?  This nursery is beautiful! 

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at 
Or use an embroidery hoop to make this gorgeous mobile for your nursery.  

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We now stock DIY tissue paper tassels in our Etsy shop in some fabulous colour options.  We've cut the paper so all you have to do is roll them up and create your masterpiece. 

We've got new colours and lengths arriving soon so keep an eye out for more prettiness! 

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Madeline Hatter Tea Party

This bubbly young birthday girl is a huge Madeline Hatter fan... I had to do my research to figure out just who that is and found myself addicted to a tv show usually watched by tweens.  Ever After High is about a group of teenagers who are the offspring of our favourite fairytale characters.... Cinderella's daughter, Prince Charming's son etc... and of course, the Mad Hatter's daughter, Madeline.

Madeline is all about friends, hats, tea parties and lots of purple & teal, a bit like the birthday girl, Ari.  My brief was to style & cater a tea party, to be dinner for eight 11 year old young ladies.  Finger food, cake, cupcakes, a mini dessert table, a photo backdrop, and hats...

I'm a big fan of adding touches of gold or silver to a party theme... it somehow makes things a little more elegant.  In this case it had to be gold as Madeline Hatter has gold shoes.  So our gold chevron table runners came in handy once again and made a plastic teal tablecloth look fit for a queen!  I tied the plastic plates, cutlery and napkins with some gold wired ribbon and the girls' names were pegged to their champagne glasses.  We used plastic glasses but I dipped all the bases in gold glitter to make them a little more special.  This is something really cheap and easy for you DIY hostesses to do.  Books covered in kraft paper added some height to the table decor and I used some glitter washi tape to liven up some regular playing cards.  I displayed them fanned out in some little photo clip holders that I had spray painted gold.  I piled the table with vintage tea cups and used glitter jars and teapots filled with flowers to finish it all off.

Each girl was given a hand made 'mad' hat, to wear during the party, which was then added to their favour bags to take home.  The bags and hats were displayed on our gorgeous A frame wooden stand.

The girls arrived to pink lemonade from our gorgeous glass dispenser and served in cute glass milk bottles with paper straws and 'drink me' tags.  They dined on mini pizzas, meatballs, fruit platters and chicken skewers served on high tea cake stands and wooden platters.

After dinner came the cake... The (amazing) chocolate cake was baked by Sweet'Ems Cakes & Catering.  She covered it in white fondant for me so all I had to do was the pretty stuff!  I painted gold dots/lines around the cake and added gum paste flowers I made.  Around the top of the cake were hand painted meringues and I used hand drawn cake toppers to tie it all back to the theme.

A dozen purple and teal cupcakes in gold wrappers, some matching foil wrapped choccie hearts and gorgeous filled lolly jars made for the perfect mini dessert table.  Above the table, a chandelier made from honeycomb balls, balloons, crepe pom poms and lanterns... And nearby was a wall of crepe paper streamers twisted to make the perfect backdrop for group photos.

After dinner and games and gifts and cake, the girls finished off the evening with tea and chocolate milk.  Hot milk was served in vintage tea cups with a wooden spoon of chocolate to stir into it.  Like the girls weren't on enough of a sugar high.

The girls then resigned to the theater room to sing karaoke and watch movies... I cleared up and reset the table for their breakfast and left to the sound of eight very high pitched voices screeching 'Thrillleeeer....'

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Items from this party available to hire:  Table runner, cake stands, platters, vintage tea ware, lolly jars, cake stands, A frame stand, glitter jars

Items available from our shop: name tags, thank you tags, paper straws, wooden pegs

Custom made for this party: glitter playing cards, the girls hats, glitter champagne glasses