Friday, 6 March 2015

Twisted Tassels

I've gone mad over tassel garlands.  I used to love them.  Then I got over them.  Now I love them again... Gone are the days of using one string of tassels to liven up a party.  Don't get me wrong, they still look amazing.  But there's amazing.  And there's AMAZING!!  Take a look at what some clever creative's out there are doing with their tassels....   (Click on the pics for the source)

Geronimo Inspired Pom Pom Tutorial. Tutorial for making this tissue paper tassel pop-pom. She used a store bought honeycomb ball, and gives instructions for making the tassel fringe ribbon.
Those of you in the know would have seen tassels on giant clear balloons all over the place.  
How about adding a string to a honeycomb ball?  Just gorgeous! 

Crea un festivo fondo de mesa con guirnaldas de flecos! Me encanta esta combinación de colores... / Create a festive table backdrop with fringe banners! Love the colour combination...
If you can hang one garland of tassels then why not hang three?  Or four?  
More is definitely better in this case... what a stunning backdrop.

Beautiful pink and gold themed party favors act as weights to helium balloons.
Why not tie a tassel on your favour balloons to complement the garland in your decor? 
You'll only be able to use one tassel on each balloon of this size before it doesn't want to float anymore.  

I love this!  If you can't afford multiple garlands then just get one and use it well.   This is such a great look!  

#cake-table, #backdrop, #tassel  Photography: Steve Cowell -  Read More:
How clever is this?  Instead of rolling the cut tissue paper into tassels, this party stylist has left them open and cut them to make interesting shapes.  What a breathtaking backdrop! 

Pink, Gold and White Nursery - we love the understated elegance of this beautiful room!  
Who says tassels are just for parties?  Why not use them in your home decor?  This nursery is beautiful! 

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at 
Or use an embroidery hoop to make this gorgeous mobile for your nursery.  

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We now stock DIY tissue paper tassels in our Etsy shop in some fabulous colour options.  We've cut the paper so all you have to do is roll them up and create your masterpiece. 

We've got new colours and lengths arriving soon so keep an eye out for more prettiness! 

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  1. I am also crazy about tassles. I even use it in my dresses and earrings too. These days tassle earrings are so much trendy. Now after reading your article I got various ideas to use tassle in decoration pieces too!