Thursday, 23 July 2015

A Co-Ed Baby Shower High Tea

This past weekend I was lucky enough to style and cater a baby shower for friends of ours.  They are expecting their second child and wanted to do something to celebrate her upcoming arrival without going crazy like they did (and we all do) the first time round.  A baby sprinkle rather than a shower.  

The men were invited too so we decided on a high tea with savoury snacks and an overload of sweet stuff.  The dining table was piled high with cake stands and platters of sandwiches, mini quiches, pastries and cheese boards.  The sweet goodies were displayed alongside our gorgeous vintage crockery and the girly cake was the star of the party!   And fresh flowers to finish it all... wild flowers, roses and proteas; a great choice considering the couple are South African.

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  1. Your work and the amount of effort you put into it is so inspiring. it motivates me to do something about my hobbies as well. dont stop posting because you are amazing