Wednesday, 1 July 2015

How to Throw a High Tea Party

Girly Sophistication is a phrase I love and there's no better way to create that feeling than by hosting an afternoon (or morning) tea party.  It's also not a difficult party to plan and can be super easy with the right tools.  And by right tools I mean gorgeous crockery, fresh flowers and beautiful sweet treats.

Start with your table, chuck on a runner of lace or subtle tablecloth... nothing too bright, let the crockery and flowers do the work.  If you have a gorgeous wooden table then you don't need anything, or try a few paper doilies under the cake stands.  Please never, never use a paper tablecloth if you can help it... they're cheap looking and will detract from the sophistication we're after. 

Next, get your hands on some pretty cups and saucers.  You might have some modern pieces of your own or a few vintage pieces from your granny's cupboard.  Loryn Loves hires out vintage crockery that has been lovingly sourced and collected to create an amazing collection of 20 trios which include cup, saucer & cake plate.  You'll also need some pretty cake stands and platters to serve up the solids... we've all got lovely pieces in the kitchen cupboards just begging to be let out.  But if you don't, we do that too!  

I don't believe that any party should ever be without flowers, even a manly party can always do with a bit of greenery.  Fresh flowers make everything better... grab some from your local fruit & veg store if you're after a great price and mix with some greenery from your garden.  One bunch of flowers can go a long way when split between small glass jars or vases.  You don't have to be a florist to created relaxed arrangements.  

There are High Tea 'rules' about what food to serve and when, but I don't think that's something you need to pay too close attention to.  The time of the party will help you decide what type of food to serve.  If it falls over lunch time then you'll need to ensure there's enough savoury on offer to fill guests up before they move to the sweets.  If it's a morning tea then have things like muffins and scones on offer.  And for afternoon tea, the guests are all waiting for the naughty stuff so have plenty of cupcakes and sweet slices.  

There are so many good reasons to throw a tea party.  A baby shower for one.  It could also be a good idea for a hen party that starts early.... get some good food and great pictures before the night goes pear shaped :)  A little one's birthday party is a great excuse for mammas to catch up over tea and cake.  A mothers' group meet up.  A charity tea.  A ladies lunch.  Book club... 

But who needs an excuse?  Get your 'for special' pieces out of the dresser and call up a few friends... 

One of the collection of high tea cake stands we have in our hire range.  

Fresh flowers can go a long way when split between small vases.

A table runner, cake stands and flowers... done!

Loryn Loves has a gorgeous collection of vintage crockery.

Our Sweet Feast Platters are a great idea for tea parties.


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