Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Pretty Watercolours - Miss Ivy's Second Birthday Party

Miss Ivy's first birthday party was one of my favourites so her second birthday had a lot to follow...  I stuck to a simple watercolour theme in blues and pinks and kept everything pretty simple.  I tried to use what I already have which was easy enough as my HIRE LOVE collection has grown a lot in a year.  

We just added the savoury, sweet stuff and some fresh flowers.  And the result was just pretty pretty pretty!!   Savoury was cheese platters, baguettes and the most delicious chicken mayo sarms that my mamma made.

The cake was a mass of crazy bits and pieces - colourful and fun!  It was surrounded by ah-ma-zing donut holes with dipping sauces, white chocolate macarons, cupcakes, chocolates and cake pops.  

It was a chilled afternoon with face painting and bouncy castle and a visit from Ivy's favourite character, Elsa.  I have a friend who happens to look just like her and agreed to wear the sparkly dress I bought online.  She also happens to be amazing with kids and an above average face painter!  I've considered adding her to my Hire list but she's flat out refused!!

For favours, I stenciled some book bags that my mamma kindly sewed and we filled them with sticker books.
Last year we started a tradition of donating to charity instead of receiving gifts.  This year we supported The Phoebe Foundation, a charity that sends craft therapy packs to the kids that live in the Royal Children's Hospital.  So we asked guests to bring the craft supplies they need to make up these kits... pipe cleaners, glitter glue, googley eyes etc.  We were amazed by the generosity of our guests and the mountain of craft items we received.  They have now gone off to a very happy Phoebe Foundation and will find new homes with these amazing kids!!

The party was a success and Ivy was in her element all day with Elsa and a bouncy castle and her friends...all of her favourite things!

Styling & Concept: Loryn Loves
Hire items: Loryn Loves
Photography: Sarah Glasson Photography
Marble Balloons: Let's Celebrate Parties
Cake Toppers: Loryn Loves
Silver 2 cupcake toppers: Kara & Moo
Donut Holes: Sweet Em's
Macarons: Yummy Treats
Cake & other sweet stuff: Loryn Loves


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