Thursday, 7 January 2016

Boys' Nursery Ideas & Trends: Pinterest Round Up

Our little family is expanding in April and it's so exciting that this time around we get to decorate for a young man!  It's a very different experience, and definitely a little harder, than decorating for a girl... there are so many pretty ideas and themes for a girl's nursery but I'm finding it harder to be inspired for a boy's room.  It needs to be simple but fun, strong but not too grown up and of course super cool!!

There are some great trends around at the mo so I've rounded up a few of my faves.  All images have come from Pinterest, you can click on them to see more details of the original posts.

Adorable Gray & Blue Baby Boy Nursery Tour with Banner Toys:
Monochrome is hot right now and one of my favourite trends.  I love that it's simple and not too naf! But it can be too harsh so you'll need to include some decor items to keep it suitable for babes... bunting, soft toys, night lights etc.  

Baby Boy Nursery Shopping & Sources | Vintage Revivals | Bloglovin’:
Now this is gorgeous... I love everything about this room but most of all it's uniqueness!  Those wooden animals on the wall... who would have thought!  That cot is just gorgeous, that's probably a pretty easy addition to any regular cot if you know how!  I love the colours and the stuffed cactus and the artwork and even the layered rugs!

branch swing shelves, crafts, repurposing upcycling, shelving ideas, I love outdoor projects so these branch swings were a perfect fit for my little one s woodland themed nursery:
This is a really cute idea for soft toys, in the right room of course. 
Another DIY that I'm sure most dads-to-be could handle.

Monochrome Scandinavian style kids room:
Wall stickers are still popular but I like how these ones are arranged around the little shelf.  

the boo and the boy: kids' rooms on instagram:
I'm a sucker for a picture collage and this one is too cool!  I love how they're arranged around the dresser! Such great results by taking something ordinary and giving it a twist with the way it's displayed.  

giraffe magnetic wallpaper:
OH. MY. GOODNESS.  Is this not the coolest wallpaper you've ever seen?!  AND it's magnetic!!  
I think I need this in my life.  

how to reuse and recycle, craft ideas for making unusual knobs and pull handles:
This is as easy as it is cool - and you could spray paint them to match your decor colours...  And if you've got a sense of humour you could use the 'bottom' half too!  

There you go... I think that's getting me inspired... watch this space to see how our little man's room turns out.  For now you can have a look at Miss Ivy Beth's nursery from (I can't believe it) over two years ago!   


  1. All these ideas are so cool and creative . although i would like to change the colour of that blackand white theme to maybe blue and white but other then that the ideas are great .

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